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Neighborhood Revitalization

How to Acquire an Historic Designation

Preservation of historic structures enhances our community, protects our quality of life and gives us a pride of place. It helps us recognize the importance local history and architecture play in shaping our sense of who we are and from where we come.

Available historic designations include:

  • Listing in the National Register of Historic Places
  • Recorded Texas Historic Landmark Designation
  • City of Fort Worth Designations: Demolition Delay, Historic & Cultural Landmark and Highly Significant & Endangered
  • For more information about these designations and how to apply for one, click here.
  • GFWAR Awards Revitalization

Know of a property owner / investor who has made noticeable exterior improvements to his or her property? Once a quarter, the Neighborhood Revitalization Committee of GFWAR is honoring a property owner / investor who has enhanced the Fort Worth community through property revitalization. The property may be a commercial or residential structure, and the committee prefers that the work was done within the past 18 months. (Please include a before and after photo of the property with the application.)

To Submit an Application

Book of Neighborhoods

Did you know that Berkeley Place was initially part of the 1850 Mexican Government's Peters Colony? Or, that Como once included a beautiful recreation resort with pavilion, casino and amusement rides? Or how about the history of Cooke's Meadow in which General Ed. Tarrant and his troops embarked on an expedition to find the Indians who had been disturbing the peace of the settlers in that area? They followed a lone squaw who had been washing clothes in Village Creek to her camp and routed the Indians. Get the facts about the neighborhoods in Fort Worth with the Book of Neighborhoods, written by Wini Klein, REALTOR®. The book is available on disk in the REALTOR® store, and includes important facts, figures, history and neighborhood restrictions about the neighborhoods in west, east and southwest Fort Worth. This is an excellent gift to clients! The cost is $7 for members and $8 for non-members.