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Coffee Talk: Brian Searcy

Date: Friday, July 20, 2018 9:00 am - 10:00 am
Duration: 1 Hour

Communicating with Millennials

Brian Searcy is the Chief Executive Officer of Main Street Pilot. His vision is to simply and clearly empower individuals and groups to enthusiastically pursue better outcomes in self-respecting and honorable ways. His unique experience and expertise addresses how to get to well-developed personal soft skills that respect the past while improving today’s complex world.

Following a decorated senior leadership career in the USAF as a commander and combat veteran, Brian transitioned into executive roles as a business entrepreneur, writer, publisher and public speaker. He co-founded Main Street Pilot in 2016 with the objective of using his decades-tested and proven leadership experience to solve a need for relevant, effective, trustworthy guidance principles and programs for the complex dynamics of home, workplace and community interactions.

His success is based on a clear understanding that educational and training content and methods must keep pace with the changes and differences between how generations and cultures think, choose, decide, act for themselves, and act with others, if the best possible life and a healthy community are to be a sustainable reality.

Brian’s company is revolutionizing the repair of lost personal soft skills quickly to build confidence, self-respecting personal control, and honorable behavior.

Rapattoni Event ID: CT72018

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