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Join SCR

SCR membership is open to anyone who spends a substantial amount of time engaged in sales, leases, exchanges, appraisals, management, consultations or other professional activities related to commercial or investment properties.

All commercial real estate practitioners interested in becoming members of SCR must be members of another REALTOR® organization or have brokers who are members of the Greater Fort Worth Association of REALTORS®. If either of these items has occurred, the practitioner may apply for SCR membership.

If a practitioner is a REALTOR® at another association:
The practitioner would need to apply as a Secondary REALTOR® member of SCR. The Society of Commercial REALTORS® is now offering a new opportunity to join for only $100 annually. The cost has been dropped from $206, and the application fee has been waved. If you are a REALTOR® member at another Association and have always thought about joining, this is a great time to sign up!

Click here to access the SCR Secondary REALTOR® Membership Application.

If a practitioner is not a member of another REALTOR® association but is a broker (or has a broker who is a member of GFWAR) & would like to join SCR:
The procedure for becoming a REALTOR® member of SCR (if not already a member of GFWAR) or a member of another REALTOR® Association starts with becoming a member of GFWAR. The first step is to determine that a license is active on the TREC Web site. To check this, click here.

Next, a new member appointment should be scheduled with GFWAR. New member appointments are sessions in which a GFWAR staff member meets one-on-one with a new member to set up that person's account and give a brief overview of GFWAR. New member appointments generally last about 45 minutes. To sign-up for a new member appointment, notify GFWAR by calling 817-336-5165.

GFWAR requires that all those interested in membership submit an application. GFWAR recommends that applications are completed beforehand and brought with the applicant, but if this is inconvenient, applications may be filled out at the Association immediately before the new member appointment. Please see below for the applications.

REALTOR® Application Designated REALTOR® Application

Applicants need to bring a copy of their current real estate license to the new member appointment. Dues for REALTOR® membership are paid at that time and may be paid by cash, check, MasterCard, American Express, VISA or Discover.

While at the new member appointment, new members must sign up for a New Member Orientation and an MLS training class (if planning to use MLS services). Day-long orientations occur once every two months and are required for every new REALTOR® member. Rules and regulations, professional standards and GFWAR procedure are discussed. In addition, one MLS class is required for all new MLS users, and is a hands-on, two-hour training class that gives the new MLS user an in-depth overview of the MLS system and important rules and regulations.

After becoming a GFWAR member, SCR requires that an application of membership be submitted for approval by the SCR Board of Governors. Applicants should fill out an SCR application and submit it to GFWAR with $65 (in the form of check, cash, VISA, American Express, MasterCard, Discover or a money order) for payment of SCR dues.

Click here to access the SCR REALTOR® Membership Application.

Applicants may request appointments with GFWAR staff members to discuss becoming an SCR member, or they can just submit an application and payment to SCR. Once the SCR Board of Governors has approved an applicant for membership, a member of the Board will contact new members with the news.