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Matrix MLS - MLS Fees

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MLS Fees (Per Quarter)


Designated REALTOR® / Broker $180
REALTOR® Agent $130


New Designated REALTOR® MLS users are required to pay a $100 MLS office set-up fee, in addition to the MLS dues fee. All new user fees are pro-rated, based on which month of the quarter a user joins the MLS. For a schedule of fees, see below.

New MLS User Fees (Pro-rated on a Monthly Basis)

                                                                       Month Per Quarter

Member Type 1 2 3
Designated REALTOR® / Broker  $180 $120 $60
REALTOR® Agent $130 $86.67 $43.33

All fees are subject to change without prior notice. No MLS refunds will be made to members leaving the Association or the real estate business after a billing quarter has begun.