MLS Services

GFWAR receives its MLS services from North Texas Real Estate Information Services, Inc. (NTREIS), which serves the real estate community in North Texas.

Benefits of MLS:

Large service area – Covers 48,000 square miles, providing service to 23,000 MLS subscribers.

Easy access – offers user-friendly navigation and a variety of search features available from any computer with Internet access. In addition, it interfaces with a number of third-party products to give the user more options from which to access the system.

Performance – Traditional MLS features are combined with state-of-the-art real estate technology tools, creating a comprehensive Web-based platform that offers enhanced reporting capabilities, comprehensive map search options, online / offline access, comparative marketing analysis, and robust mapping technology. In case a problem occurs, NTREIS has a Customer Care support network available 24 / 7 by phone or e-mail to assist its members with technology issues and ensure that questions are answered in a timely manner.

Features – Combining best-of-breed components to build the nation’s most comprehensive MLS network, the NTREIS MLS system includes MarketLinx’s TEMPO MLS System (NTREIS Listings), First American’s Transaction Management (NTREIS Transactions) and Realist Tax System (NTREIS Tax).

  • NTREIS Listings is a complete open MLS system providing the tools needed for today’s tech savvy world.
  • NTREIS Transactions enables Web-based document management, electronic forms and document tracking.
  • NTREIS Tax is a robust ASP property tax system that enables research on real estate properties, including ownership, assessed value, property characteristics, and property identification information.

For more information about NTREIS or the MLS system, visit

MLS Fees (Per Quarter)

Designated REALTOR® / Broker $180
REALTOR® Agent $130
Designated Affiliates (Tax & Comp Information) $144.65
Additional Affiliates (Tax & Comp Information) $76.45

New Designated REALTOR® MLS users are required to pay a $100 MLS office set-up fee, in addition to the MLS dues fee. All new user fees are pro-rated, based on which month of the quarter a user joins the MLS. For a schedule of fees, see below.

New MLS User Fees (Pro-rated on a Monthly Basis)

                                                                           Month Per Quarter

Member Type

     1     2    3
Designated REALTOR® / Broker $180 $120 $60
REALTOR® Agent $130 $86.67 $43.33
Designated Affiliates (Tax & Comp Information) $144.65 $96.43 $48.22
Additional Affiliates (Tax & Comp Information) $76.45 $76.45 $76.45

All fees are subject to change without prior notice. No MLS refunds will be made to members leaving the Association or the real estate business after a billing quarter has begun.

Join MLS

To receive MLS services, applicants must be a primary or secondary member of GFWAR. For more information on how to join as a member of the Association, click on one of the links below.

Become a REALTOR® Member

Become an Affiliate Member

Applicants generally sign up for MLS services at their new member appointments. If a practitioner is already a member of another Association but would like to switch MLS services to GFWAR, he or she will need to notify a staff member at GFWAR by calling 817-336-5165.

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